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Rediscovering Health: Part One

I'm Angry! Do you want to know why I'm angry and who I'm angry at? I'll tell you! I'm angry because we have been terribly deceived and many of us continue to deceive ourselves when it comes to HEALTH. Read more »

Mind Over Matter

"The mind is everything. What we think, we become." Buddha Read more »

Stop Poisoning Your Body!

Supplements, anabolic steroids, dietary pills, "miracle" diets,...are some attractively packaged and unconscionably sold to us every second of every day by pharmaceutical companies... Read more »

Common Sources Of Plant Protein

Eating Healthy seems like an almost impossible task these days. Most of us can only hope to be eating "as healthy as possible". I try my best to put quality food into my body and like many persons, I'm convinced that natural food sources obtained from plants are the best. Read more »

True Healthiness

Let's look at health from a general point of view and ask ourselves this important question - Are we healthy? True healthiness in my opinion means harmony, harmony between the spiritual and the physical. One great book states, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.". Read more »

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stop Poisoning Your Body!

Toxic supplements
Supplements, anabolic steroidsdietary pills, "miracle" diets,...are some attractively packaged and unconscionably sold to us every second of every day by pharmaceutical companies, gyms and others involved in the so called "health and fitness" industry. The substances contained in many of these products do more harm than good to our bodies in the long run. The majority of this crap sold to us are not properly tested and are responsible for many medical conditions ranging from simple allergic reactions to more serious conditions like cancers.
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mind Over Matter

power of the mind over matter
"The mind is everything. What we think, we become." Buddha
We realize the very profound significance of the above quote as we come to a better understanding of the "world" around us and begin to see more evidence of the amazing power of the mind. 

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rediscovering Health: Part One

herbal medicine
I'm Angry! Do you want to know why I'm angry and who I'm angry at? I'll tell you! I'm angry because we have been terribly deceived and many of us continue to deceive ourselves when it comes to HEALTH. Modern medicine, or should I say "Western Medicine" is based on a misguided philosophy of treating the symptoms of illness instead of a full investigation into the cause in order to reach proper diagnosis and develop a cure. How dumb are we?
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How to hire a personal trainer

Top Fitness Goals to Aim For

With so many people offering free advice on health and fitness, it is easy for you to get confused about your fitness goals. What most people don’t realize is that fitness should not really be goal-specific i.e it is not something you do on short-term basis.

thinking of hiring a fitness trainer

Rather, the aim should be for a holistic approach that will force you to take a look not only at your body but your lifestyle and other habits and activities. A personal trainer can better explain the bigger picture to you so that you know what your fitness goal should be for all times. If you’re thinking of hiring a fitness trainer, continue reading.

Stick to your Fitness Plan for Life

As mentioned, fitness should not really be a short-term fad. You invest for financial security or to fulfil your dreams but do you really invest in your health and fitness? Probably not! Most people consider working out only when they want to lose a few pounds or to recover their strength. The urge to continue is gone once the goal is reached.

However, a personal trainer will tell you that this is where people go wrong. Taking care of oneself is not a year-long commitment but rather a life-long one. Your first fitness goal should be to try and stay fit and healthy irrespective of your age, changing food habits or physical condition.

Make it a Habit to Eat Healthy

This is another vital aspect which many people underestimate. You may happily follow a strict diet while on a fitness plan but once the goals are reached, you naturally want to revert to your old; sinful ways. Here again, the goal should be to make healthy eating a natural habit. There are plenty of food groups out there that make for healthy and tasty meals.

An accomplished personal trainer can work out simple yet delicious meal plans for you from the wide variety of natural food available locally. You don’t have to spend a fortune to eat healthy; rather you should learn how to combine different food groups to prepare nutritious meals and snacks. Be sure you hire a fitness trainer that has the correct personal trainer course.

Go for Regular Checkups

No doubt you exercise to stay fit and you may also feel fit and strong. However, to be on the safe side, do remember to go for an annual check-up every year. This too should be part of your fitness goal as its important to know if your vital functions are working alright. Check your blood sugar level, heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol to be absolutely sure about your body. This becomes all the more important as you age. For more information, visit

For more information, visit

Be Consistent

Once you are decided about a fitness plan, you should be regular and consistent with it. There should not be any excuses for missing workout sessions with your personal trainer (except when you are injured or sick). And when you are travelling, on a holiday or on important assignment, do remember to spend some time on your daily workouts.

There are plenty of exercises that you can do anywhere; anytime without equipment. Once you have mastered a few of these, it will not be difficult to maintain a healthy rhythm for your body.

How to Break through a Fitness Plateau with Dangerously Fit Gold Coast

If you feel that you have reached a weight loss plateau after a long period of being on a fitness routine, joining Dangerously Fit Gold Coast is what you need to do. The body has a tendency to adjust to any fitness or diet routines enforced upon it, thereby bringing any weight loss possibilities to a halt. Once you reach this stage, it seems as if no matter what you try, you cannot lose those final few pounds. At times like these, you need to change up your regular fitness routine and an ideal way for you to do this is through a Gold Coast boot camp with Dangerously Fit.

Great calorie burners

Since in these workouts you move quickly from one exercise to another and also work the upper and lower regions of the body at the same time, boot camp exercises are ideal for burning calories. A one hour boot camp session can burn up to six hundred calories.

Dangerously Fit Gold Coast

Simultaneously provide aerobics and muscle developing workouts

Dangerously Fit workouts are efficient as through them strength training and aerobics can be done in the same workout. This means that you will have to spend a lesser amount of time on exercise. Even though you will be working out for a shorter period, you will still be able to burn a lot of calories thanks to the intense nature of the workout.

Alleviation of boredom

A Dangerously Fit boot camp workout may be challenging but it is never boring. Time can go slowly if you are running on a treadmill or performing the same type of exercises every day, but due to the diverse types of routines and the intensity of the workout, boot camps are never monotonous. Successfully finishing a workout with Dangerously Fit can be exhilarating and help in building confidence in your own physical ability.

Hence, joining a Gold Coast boot camp has all of the above benefits. If you feel that your regular workout has stopped having the desired effect and you want a change, try out boot camp workouts. Joining a Dangerously Fit, one of the best, and accomplishing all the workouts there will ensure that you achieve the results and physique that you desire.

To register and get started now, visit

Here is a great topic to boost your Fitness SEO

When trying to get a good ranking for your fitness business on the search engine it’s important to be aware of the key words people use the most. This way you can choose the best strategy for your fitness seo & web design logo.

One good strategy for your fitness seo is to write about weigh loss topics. For example, you could write an article on belly fat, see below:

Reasons Why You are not Losing Belly Fat

It can be a frustrating experience, especially for ladies – trying to get rid of belly fat. Even though the rest of your body could be responding to regular exercise, that centre bulge tends to let you down. Why does this happen and what can be done to rectify the problem?


  • The basic problem for everyone is that ‘they are what they eat’! If you indulge in foods that are too rich and fatty, your system may not be able to burn the extra calories such food induces. So watch what you store in your kitchen. You would have to deduct around 3500 calories from your daily diet to lose just one pound. However do not go overboard. Weight loss needs to be a controlled programme – the safest way is to lose just one or two pounds in a week.
  • You could be going the other route i.e. having meals with long intervals in between. Instead you should have your normal three meals a day but include two snacks between the meals. It is better to eat smaller amounts more frequently than satisfy your hunger with large regular meals.
  • One enemy on the meal front is salt. Though salt is required to add flavour and taste to food, you need to go easy on its usage. After eating salty snacks you could experience a bloated sensation. This is because the extra salt causes the water in the bloodstream to move upwards towards the skin, causing the bloated feeling. So next time you have the salt shaker in your hand, use it sparingly. It will help with your weight loss efforts.
  • Sleep is another important part of everyone’s lifestyle. Every individual requires at least seven hours of good sleep each night. If you do not get the right amount of sleep a particular hormone in your body increases, and this in turn will increase your appetite. So get enough sleep and avoid that ‘always-hungry’ feeling.
  • Progressing to your actual workouts to attain weight loss. It is a common belief that to reduce fat in the belly area you need to perform many ab and cardio exercises. Those dozens of crunches you perform will not help you to flatten your belly. Instead you should add some weight training during your workouts. You need to work on the large groups of muscles in the body which will burn extra calories. So look at a full body workout three times in the week.


If you need additional guidance on how to achieve good weight loss and get rid of that unwanted belly fat, you should go online and check out the many fitness workouts, tips and health recipes.

It may prove to be a bit of an uphill task getting rid of a fat belly, but if you persevere – eat right, sleep right and exercise right – you will definitely begin to see the fat in your belly area beginning to disappear. It is all a matter of leading a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Things you need to understand when undertaking a fitness training qualification

When looking for personal training courses in Denmark, you will get to the very important topic which is the reason why your workout makes you feel awful. This actually happens more than you think and here is an explanation you should be able to give to your clients to help them make progresses and encourage them to keep hiring you as a personal trainer:

If you are one of those people who work out regularly but feel lousy and disillusioned after each session, you need to take a good look at why this is happening. There could be several reasons and once you identify them you could take remedial steps and start to appreciate and enjoy not only the actual workout sessions, but also the weight loss results you are achieving.

  • First, you need to do get into a workout that suits your abilities. Do not get caught in a follow-the-leader situation. For instance your neighbour might be into yoga sessions and highly recommends the same for you. If you tried yoga and found it too difficult or too easy, you should look out for some other type of workout that will prove challenging, doable and within your physical capabilities. You could always take advice from a personal trainer who had done proper a fitness training qualification as to which type of workout would suit you most.
  • When you indulge in any particular type of workout you have to give your body a few moments to ‘recover’ from that particular session. For example, you should not hop off a bike and straight away head to the rest room. Your body needs a moment to recover from the workout session – so you should spend a couple of moments doing a couple of stretches and using opposing muscles. After using the treadmill also, if you were in running mode when you finish, walk backwards to help your body adjust  backwards to help your body adjust.


  • Another reasons why you could feel awful after working out, is that you are not focused on the goal you set. If you keep in mind what the workout can achieve the effort you have to put in could ease some of the difficult moments. You need to stay focused and as you gradually see positive changes taking place your discomfort and disinterest could convert in to a feeling of success and enjoyment. To help you through the journey, you could take help from a certifified personal trainer from
  • If you are into HIIT training, for sure it will require your total dedication and special effort. It is a difficult workout and could leave you feeling drained and disillusioned, more so if you are not doing it the right way. Some people go full hog into HIIT training both in effort and time. This is not correct. What HIIT requires is some hard intervals punctuated by enough rest to help you to face the next interval. If you do not give your body sufficient time to recover in between you will not be able to give the next round enough effort and so miss out on the benefits HIIT training offers. A 20-second workout should be followed up with a 10- seconds rest period.
  • Getting enough sleep night is an often neglected area for people who are working out. You need to realise that when you sleep your body is in healing and repair mode. Lack of proper sleep (both quality and quantity) can make you feel lethargic and sluggish, totally unprepared for any type of workout the following morning. So make sure you devote enough time and enjoy a full night’s sleep. Skimping on your sleep hours, as any personal trainer will advise you, will only leave you with that awful feeling when it comes to working out.